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Learn how organizations around the world use Hotjar to understand their users, improve UX and create customer delight.


Use Case




Sara, the Customer Knowledge Manager at Spotahome, hosts legendary Hotjar parties where 20 Spotahome staff watch Hotjar session recordings to learn more about their users. 

Spot UX issues others miss


John, the Sales Operations Manager at ClassHero, noticed sign-ups had dropped from 75% to 37%, a “terrifying” drop in his words. Here’s how he solved it.

Fixing a 48% CTR drop


Anna—head of acquisition at Vimcar—uses Hotjar to fix problems and grow leads. In her own words, “Hotjar makes it faster to optimize our conversion rates. It lets us stop guessing".

160% increase in traffic

Man in gym


Luke—a Product Lead at Hussle —uses Hotjar to survey every churned user, spot revenue-damaging bugs, and ensure each new launch runs smoothly.

1 bug found every week

Materials Market

After spending 20 minutes watching Hotjar each morning, Andrew, Operations Director at Materials Market tripled his site’s conversion rate. Here’s how:

3x conversion rate


Gavin runs Yatter —a lead generation agency—that’s helped fashion brands, festivals, and football clubs improve their landing pages. Over the years, he’s built a black book of reliable tactics to enhance any page.

+20% sales

Woman holding a fashion magazine


"Hotjar helps us map our client’s customer journey from a user’s perspective. We’re much more efficient in delivering value because of it."

+55% conversion rate

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The Good

“If we weren’t using Hotjar to identify onsite issues for our clients, we’d just be making random guesses.”

+132% conversion rate

Man driving a car


You need Hotjar. Its price is extremely competitive and getting to know your users is essential. It really is the number one tool I use.

+49% conversion rate

Window view from a plane with 'Ryanair' logo on top


“The main stakeholders in our business want to keep track of product performance. We use Hotjar Surveys to see how satisfied our customers are with our products, and we report the larger trends.”

10,000+ users surveyed

Totally Promotional

Hotjar is a dream come true. It’s the answer to exactly what we were looking for. Now, we don’t have to guess; we can understand how users interact with our site. It’s like reading their minds.


“When our users have a better experience, it benefits our conversions and ROI as well. Hotjar helps me identify bottlenecks and deliver the experience people want when they visit our website."

-7% bounced visitors


"We started using Hotjar a while back. We tried it for free and liked it, so we purchased it. Today, we find that onboarding new employees with Hotjar is easier than any of the other analytics tools we use."

+40% user experience

Ecommerce Warriors

"Showing clients analytical numbers about what happened and where isn’t always enough.When I introduce Hotjar’s insights about 'why' shoppers behave certain ways, I see jaws drop and excitement build." 

Hubspot Academy

HubSpot Academy is the worldwide leader in inbound marketing and sales education. Since 2012, HubSpot Academy has been on a mission to transform the way people and companies grow, offering online training for the digital age: courses, projects, certifications, and software training.

+10% sign ups


Founded in 1985, Matalan is one of the UK’s leading family value retailers of fashion & homeware.

+400% ROI

CCV Shop

Hotjar makes the insights you have from Google Analytics visual and easier to understand—and it’s less time consuming to analyze this data and get some quick wins.

+38% conversion rate


“I'm able to get a 30,000-foot view with Hotjar, whereas without it, I'm stuck on the ground, relying on Google Analytics and customer interviews to try to ascertain exactly how users use our product.”

+50 hours saved


What do you do when you see a sudden, massive drop in conversions from your signup page—and you have no idea why?

When this happened to Audiense, they turned to Hotjar.


Despite all the tools we use to measure traffic, we didn’t really know what people were doing on our website or how they were using our product.

+12% product usage


“We love Hotjar’s Incoming Feedback because it gives us instant feedback from our clients' shoppers. It doesn’t interrupt the checkout flow, and allows us to fully understand the experience in real-time."


Hotjar helped us identify two major barriers to conversion. Addressing these issues allowed us to increase revenue by 60%.

+60% revenue

Conversion Rate Experts

Conversion Rate Experts are the world’s leading agency for conversion rate optimization (CRO)—a term that they coined in 2007. They have helped to grow some of the web’s most sophisticated companies, including Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google, Dropbox—plus many others.

470% client growth


It takes me 10 or 15 minutes to put a Poll together, then it goes live and, by the next day, I've got at least some data to answer my questions. This was the big surprise for me—polls alone make the subscription worth it.


HeyOrca is a social media planning and approval tool that allows marketing agencies, consultants, and their clients to seamlessly plan and approve content in their upcoming social media calendar.

54 NPS score

Directive Consulting

Directive Consulting provide industry leading SEO, PPC, content marketing, and social media services. They are fiercely committed to delivering a truly exceptional service that delivers ROI.

+78% sign ups


Reed.co.uk is the Uk's no.1 job portal.

7 million users analyzed

Edit Stock

Edit Stock is professionally shot film footage for schools and individuals to practice editing with.


Unbounce makes it easy to build custom landing pages and add overlays for even more conversions on your existing site.

$2,000 bug fixed

Student Crowd

StudentCrowd is a platform developed for university students in the UK to review just about anything, from the university, courses, accommodation, and even part-time jobs.

+55% conversions rate

Trampoline Plezier

Trampoline Plezier started with one goal in mind, to make kids happy, with trampolines.

+11% conversions rate

Stream Creative

Stream Creative is a data-driven, process-focused digital agency. They love to help businesses grow.

+$120,000 in revenue


Inbound.org is an online hub where good marketers go to get better

+70,000 signups


Taskworld packs visual task management, team messaging & project planning into one robust app.

+40% conversions rate


Wyldsson makes healthy snack and breakfast products that actually taste amazing. Gluten Free and Vegan Friendly goodness.

+30% sales


Intelliquip’s Project Portal is a cloud-based system that provides a collaborative project workspace for folks engaged across the value chain for fluid handling equipment (e.g., pumps, compressors, valves). Intelliquip’s web apps help their users (OEMs, distributors, engineering consultants) select engineered-to-order equipment, create specifications, and configure price and prepare quotes.

10,000 users helped


Netguru builds digital products that let people do things differently. Since 2008, they have changed the way people do banking, listen to music, learn languages, insure houses and rent bikes.

30.93% more traffic


DashThis helps digital marketers and agencies from all around the world create awesomely beautiful automated marketing reports in the blink of an eye.

+140% customer satisfaction

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