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Continuous delivery and how to balance it with continuous discovery

Continuous discovery

How to balance continuous delivery with continuous discovery

Continuous delivery and discovery help product teams learn more effectively and provide value to customers. 

But some teams have been hesitant to adopt these techniques because they aren’t sure how to properly balance delivery and discovery.

Let’s take a look at continuous delivery and continuous discovery: where they came from, how they’re different, and how an effective product team can strike the right balance to deliver customers the right product, in the right way, at the right time.

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Building a product culture to facilitate getting shit done

Product team culture

How to empower your product team to get shit done

The average product team spends a huge amount of time juggling loads of different tasks, pressures, and demands. 

On an average day, urgent user requests and stakeholder asks pour in, meetings line up, the product backlog expands, and product team members find their best-laid plans changed or delayed.

Sound familiar? 

These pressures are intrinsic to product work, but if you let them grow, they’ll destroy your focus, strategy, and delivery. 

Luckily, they can be managed.

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Product conflict resolution tips to create team synergy

Product team culture

4 product conflict resolution tips to create team synergy

Great product teams bring together a variety of backgrounds, points of view, skills, and personalities, which is essential to building a successful team—but it can also lead to tension and conflict. 

However, with the right mindset and a thoughtful approach, conflict can inspire meaningful solutions that ultimately benefit your team’s ability to build and deliver brilliant products.

In this article, we explore why conflict happens and how you can use it to demonstrate key values and behaviors within your product team.

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Workflow tips

Data democratization and self-serve analytics: tips for product teams

Traditionally, access to data has been restricted to a few analysts in each organization who know how to interpret the data, translate it, and use it to help the company reach its business goals. The restriction was born out of security, necessity, and the lack of shared knowledge. 

But today’s world is increasingly data-driven and reserving this information for only a select few in your business is no longer an option.

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types of product testing and what product testing means to product teams

Continuous discovery

Different types of product testing and why they matter for product teams

Successfully launching a product requires a lot of testing—then more testing, and then testing again. 

Often, product testing is seen as a separate activity to product development. But when testing isn’t integrated into the product development process, product teams can miss the insights they need to ensure their products work smoothly and solve user problems.

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 Product experimentation culture

Product team culture

How to create a culture of product experimentation to deliver what users want

Digital products offer you a wide range of options to solve a customer’s problem. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be difficult to find the solution that your customers really want. 

You need a reliable way to home in on the right solution.

Enter: product experimentation.

Product team culture

How to overcome common obstacles for effective product change management

Product change management is key in responding to dynamic market pressures and delivering solutions that meet evolving user needs—and product managers are familiar with the blockers that often arise in product or organizational change processes, from user confusion and employee resistance to breakdowns in cross-functional communication. 

Product change management is a challenge, but it’s also an opportunity—and one worth taking.

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Workflow tips

The art of product storytelling: how product teams can balance evidence with empathy

Product narratives should be grounded on clear, quantifiable data points; product teams have to use powerful statistics like revenue, active users, and retention rate as evidence to get buy-in for their vision. 

But data alone won’t create the emotional connection you need to captivate your users and convince your stakeholders.

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Workflow tips

Product backlog management tips that drive results, not chaos

In product management, backlog optimization is a key part of delivering high-quality products to users. Keeping your team’s backlog well-prioritized drives clear focus, streamlines workflow, and helps you deliver impactful products that delight customers.

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