See what your users see

Recordings are playbacks of users scrolling, moving, u-turning, and rage clicking on your site.

From entry to exit, you can reliably map the user’s full experience. 

1.7 billion new sessions are recorded in Hotjar every year

Discover your next great idea

Looking for inspiration? Spend five minutes watching real users in your product and you’ll uncover opportunities to improve. 

Prioritize what to build next

Don’t let internal opinions dictate your roadmap. Use recordings to gather reliable evidence of real user experience to determine what to build. 

Get buy-in for your suggestions

Numbers are easy to ignore—but recordings aren’t. Kick start your next project with recordings to get everyone—from engineers to execs—on the same page.

Get started with Recordings

The world's most popular session recording feature. Trusted by over 900,000 organizations across 180+ countries. And it’s free.

No credit card required

Store recordings for 365 days

Filter by rage clicks & u-turns

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GDPR- & CCPA-ready

Three other features available on every Hotjar plan

Recordings are powerful alone, but even better when used alongside these features.

Here's how others use Recordings

A few more reasons to try Recordings

365 days of storage

We’ll store your recordings for one year so you can compare user behavior over time.

Rage clicks & u-turns

Recordings automatically identify when a user rage clicks or u-turns, helping you spot issues. 

Compare sources of traffic

Do visitors from paid ads act differently to direct traffic? Filter recordings by referrer URL to find out.

Share, comment, & export

Send recordings using a public link, tag a teammate in the comments, or export to Slack.

Built with privacy in mind

Our privacy features protect you and the people who visit your site.

Unlimited users

No limits on the number of Hotjar users. Share recordings with anyone on your team. 

The beginner's guide to recordings

A complete guide to website recordings with chapters about getting started, case studies, practical examples, and FAQs.