Visualize user behavior

Heatmaps visually represent where users click, move, and scroll on your site.

See what elements users are drawn towards, and the parts they completely miss.

7.5 million heatmaps created for some of the world's largest sites

Determine if your changes worked

Wondering if users are really engaging with your latest update? Heatmaps will show you if it’s capturing attention or getting ignored. 

Stop guessing where users click

Don’t let hunches determine how to improve your product. Get reliable data from real users to prioritize what you build.

Spot issues you couldn’t predict

Find the issues that QA misses, whether it’s buttons that can’t be clicked or content that won't load.

Get started with Heatmaps

The world's most popular heatmap feature. Trusted by over 900,000 websites across 180+ countries.

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Three other features available on every Hotjar plan

Heatmaps are powerful alone, but even better when used alongside these features.

Here's how others use Heatmaps

A few more reasons to try Hotjar’s Heatmaps

Unlimited heatmaps

Heatmaps for every page on your site.

Click, scroll & move maps

Three different heatmaps to analyze how users behave.

Compare over time

Set the date range to compare user behavior from one month to the next.

Combine multiple pages

Got slightly different versions of a page? Combine them into one heatmap.

Easy installation

Set up heatmaps on every single page using just one script.

Unlimited users

No limits on the number of Hotjar users. Share heatmaps with anyone on your team. 

The complete guide to heatmaps

A complete guide to website heatmaps with chapters about creating and analyzing heatmaps, case studies, practical examples, and FAQs.