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Hear from users

Bring the voice of the customer to your decision-making with on-site and external Surveys.

On-site surveys appear whenever you need during the user journey. Capture feedback in the moment.

Over 402 million survey responses collected via Hotjar

Validate your plans with user feedback

De-risk big projects by surveying your users to learn what they think about your latest plans.

Learn the real reasons why customers churn

Send a survey to customers right at the point of churn to get reliable, first-hand feedback from customers when they leave.

Collect an ever-growing pool of new ideas

With an on-site survey, you’ll have a constant stream of great suggestions to improve your product. 

Templates for all types of surveys

Don’t take our word for it, try it yourself with a pre-built template. 

Three other features available on every Hotjar plan

Surveys are powerful alone, but even better when used alongside these features.

Here's how others use Surveys

A few more reasons to try Hotjar’s Surveys

Unlimited surveys

No cap on the number of surveys you can create on all of our paid plans.

No storage limits

Keep survey responses for as long as you need with no caps on storage.

Customizable design

Pick the survey color, branding, and design to match your brand.

Share feedback fast

With over dozens of integrations, you can auto-send survey responses to all your favorite apps.

Easy installation

Set up surveys across your site using just one script.

Reliable customer support

Got a question for us? We'll get back to you within two working days.

Get started with Surveys

Over 402 million people from 180 different countries have left feedback via Hotjar Surveys.

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Unlimited surveys on paid plans

Store survey responses forever

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