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CRO glossary: Bounce rate

What is bounce rate?

Your website’s bounce rate is the percentage of sessions that result in a bounce—that is, sessions that begin and end on the same page of your site. Bounce rate is calculated by dividing the number of bounces (also known as single-page sessions) by the number of total sessions on your site.

For example, if 100 users land on your homepage (total sessions) and 5 of them exit the homepage without interacting or navigating further through your site (single-page sessions), your homepage’s bounce rate is 5%.

bounce rate = single-page sessions / total sessions

❗️ Important note: what we have here is just a definition—not the full story. To learn more about bounces and bounce rate, and to find out what they mean (or don’t mean) for your website, read the bounces and bounce rate entry in our Google Analytics glossary.